Chinx fuck anyway lyrics

chinx fuck anyway lyrics

Lyrics to 'F**k Are You Anyway ' by Chinx. / I don't give a fuck bout what you thinking, bitch who asked you / Care bout what you smoking or you drinking, bitch.
[Produced by Foreign Mobb] [Intro: Chinx ] Fuck are you anyway. Fuck are you anyway. Who asked, who asked. Fuck are you anyway [Hook: Chinx ] I don't give a.
[Intro: Dj Khaled] Your bitch screaming "AVL", and "We The best" Bitch they screaming "MMG" and "Coke Boys" You know what the fuck it is, this record right here.

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I be riding through the city on my own shit. Ouvrir un compte gratuit. Really delete this comment? New niggas round me, who asked you. Chinx Fuck Are You Anyway Feat French Montana Lyrics. Your bitch screaming "AVL", and "we the best". Inscrivez-vous gratuitement pour ajouter vos paroles de chansons ou participer à l'accès à la culture musicale! On fera le maximum pour les corriger dans les plus brefs délais.

chinx fuck anyway lyrics

Take Me To Church. Could see this vision way back when I played the hallway. New niggas round me, who asked you. This page is accessible to. Fuck are you anyway, who asked you. But I don't think I can, so fuck you. Then you grew and became like the Devil. You wanted to fucking walk around these roaches. What you talkin' 'bout, I'mma put in work. Used to play the jail phone booth until the phone clicked. Chase the money not a ho, bitch who asked you.

Chinx fuck anyway lyrics flying

Cheeeek that out dude. Fake bitches, give me a headache. When that face isn't here and you rot.

chinx fuck anyway lyrics

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OHIO LAID TONIGHT Bitch they screaming "MMG" and "Coke Boys". Controllare anche l'indirizzo digitato nella barra degli indirizzi del browser Tutti i diritti riservati. Can you please hurry up 'cause I find you. Catch me flying in [? And every time he talking to me I be gripping on my tooly. I heard that you like the bad girls, Honey is that true?
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Digital handy tinder down vibease anregende technik diese apps lassen keine wuensche offen Pray to God I can think of a nice thing to say. I said bitch, man who asked you. Bet you sleep like a child with your thumb in your mouth. Search for " Alejandro " OR " Lady Gaga ". Cheeeek that out dude.