Games dota meat hook trainer

games dota meat hook trainer

Meat Hook Trainer: meathook / Game. Dota 2; Explore in YouTube Gaming.
In most of these game modes, the difficulty will increase as you hook more and Hi all, please send me a PM or an email if you find a bug in Meat Hook Trainer. DOTA. #2 mn Gansukh 6 May EZ GAME. +1.
3 years ago So there's there is this Pudge training game that I found and I thought that I should share it. meathook / It's real fun....

Games dota meat hook trainer -- going fast

Also fullscreen is almost a must. You won't be able to vote or comment. Aui just talked about this.

games dota meat hook trainer

Whether or not it'll train people to be a better pudge, i'm unsure, but as a game alone it's pretty enjoyable. Things that are really missing are middle-mouse drag can only assign keys and true fullscreen so it doesn't loose focus when you're actually playing. If you would like contribute to further development, I would appreciate following:. Take me back to safety! It feels as close to fullscreen as it'll .