News google bans erotic content from play store

news google bans erotic content from play store

Earlier, only the "sexually explicit" content was banned. The move is aimed at stopping the rising number of apps in the Play store that promise.
MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA, April 8, 2014 ( -- Internet giant Google has announced it is revising content guidelines for apps and.
Google bans reddit client from Play Store for "sexually explicit .. Adult sites like reddit mix "clean" content and NSFW stuff all the time, and...

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That's a lot more troubling because all companies at least those based in the US are subject to the same threats of litigation. Why did Google name itself Google? As anyone who visited the site can tell, Reddit has always promoted an environment of free speech. Violence is shown on US television all the time, but it is almost always of the fictional variety. She left no stones unturned in keeping the excitement level of her fans and followers high by teasing them with glimpses of her hot self in the app. Also, at least in Alien Blue I can subscribe to any subreddits I want, including NSFW ones. I opposed the need for the amazon app store for example.
news google bans erotic content from play store

You can jailbreak an iOS device and install whatever you want as well, that doesn't change the fact that Apple makes ridiculous decisions about what can and can't appear on the app store. I get some crazy things via that app And it goes direct to my notification bar. Audiences like indulging in a fantasy of violence, but we don't really glorify real violence. Harman Kardon Invoke Speaker to Support Skype, Pandora. So lack of censorship isn't the reason that you love Android it is instead categorisation of censored material?? I think the issue is that the Google person understood the list of popular subreddits to be a developer-specified thing, when in fact it's auto-generated.

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Google , got so much attention and this company risen because it allowed such people just started using internet and Google only for this material. Didn't they know about it? Are you saying that crotch shots of pre-teen girls entitled "juicy" or making reference to them as sexual objects is not child pornography or are you defending child pornography as something that should be allowed? I don't think you should be down-voted. I have the full freedom to post anything that I want.

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But that doesn't make it a "porn site" either. Ad-Away would be a huge threat to mobile advertising as an... The nipple was real. Important to all community members: please read before posting. NEWS Google bans erotic apps from the Play Store according to new developer policies. Google has suspended the the Android users can directly download ThePoonamPandeyApp from my website They show people blowing their head off with a gun in the afternoon news while children are watching, but omg, a boob or even worse a nipple they go crazy! The analogy is crap.

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