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A woman shared a six-part Twitter thread to describe how one woman was harassed by a man while just trying to get to work.
So when I saw this thread about a woman just trying to get to work this morning, I was shocked for a second, and then I laughed because I.
Cotton-blend fabric Metallic thread Long batwing sleeve Cable knit finish....

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How a needle & thread changed one woman's life

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There's just something about the vocals and bass guitar in Pleasure that makes me addicted. Saying that, Chorus, which accidentally played at the very end, blew my mind. I don't mean this in a bad way! I can say it's so good the first listen, and It only gets better every time you go through it again. Could you please pm the link to me?

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CommutingWhileFemale Stop to get gas. Woman feels weak in those aspects, and it feels watered down and a lot more mainstream in sound in a bad way overall. I do like the section where, after they pretend to end the song halfway through, they immediately come back with some sick violins. It does seem like "the Justice sound" is more a thing of the past as they move further away from what people consider to be "their sound" with every release. I'll have to give this some more listens, maybe it'll grow on me a lot more. The last time we had one of these threads there were people complaining about some of the girls not being "black enough" lol. Definitely obvious by now with this record that if they always had the stuff to make it , they would've made a AVD record right at the beginning need to find the itw again where they say that if they had everything available to them their records would've sounded way more rock than electronic. Personally I only like half of this album.